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Building Healthy Relationships as an Artist

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"Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else."  -Ram Dass

From the moment your eyes open until your head hits the pillow, you are in a relationship with yourself, the world, your career, peers, and so forth. The way you communicate with self reflects how you coexist in the universe and determines the frequency you align with.

So, how can artists build healthy relationships throughout their careers?

We’ve landed on the following formula: Know yourself, share yourself, find your tribe. 

How can artists build healthy relationships?

Know yourself

  • Brain Food #001 encourages determining your “Why.” Know yourself, move in alignment with your soul purpose, & the universe will serve your greatest good. 

  • Pour into yourself before showing up in the world. A healthy relationship with yourself generates positive connections. Once you know yourself, you can then effectively communicate with others

  • Authenticity is key & patience is essential. Be genuine and remember that building meaningful relationships doesn’t happen overnight; nurture them gradually.

Share yourself

  • Brain Food #002 offers a glimpse at how to turn creative ideas into action. This is imperative when it comes to successfully sharing your passions with the world. Be loud and express yourself!

  • Remember that sharing is a two-way street. As you share, it’s important to listen actively & intentionally. Don’t just hear, really listen to who/what you're engaging with.

  • Cultivate a strong online presence through social media and art platforms to reach a broader audience. Emerging technologies like Blockchain & Web3 make it possible to meet and collaborate with phenomenal artists from across the globe. 

Find your tribe

  • Finding your tribe is the result of successful relationship building. Move authentically, share your heartwork, and the universe will align you with like-minded individuals.

  • Put yourself in the right place at the right time. Attend networking opportunities like residencies, events, & workshops. 

  • Collaboration is essential. Work with others to combine collective ideas, skills, & resources. 

  • Show gratitude & spread love! Share and uplift art that inspires you. Give thanks for opportunities, collaborations, and support.

  • Once you establish relationships, nurture them! Regularly reach out to your contacts, via email, texts, calls, social media, or in-person dates.

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much."  -Helen Keller

Nurture your relationship with self with these affirmations: 

I actively nurture and strengthen my connections.

I attract collaborators who share my passion and vision.

My network is a source of inspiration and mutual support.

I am worthy of deep and meaningful artistic connections.


Building healthy relationships as an artist becomes simpler once you do the work to truly know & share yourself. As you gain experience, you’ll develop unique ways to put yourself out there & attract your Divine Tribe.

Listen to our live discussion on this topic here. Follow us on social media for daily inspiration added to your timeline.

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crystals for communication

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