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Turn Creative Ideas Into Action

Forbidden Fruit Turn Creative Ideas into Action

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If you’re like us, you might have ideas & bits of inspiration written in different areas, from phone notes to an old journal. These ideas have sat collecting dust for years. You’ve even watched other creators successfully execute visions similar to yours.

Now (as Pluto dramatically enters Aquarius) it's your time to finally bring ideas from fantasy to reality - you deserve success! The following three steps are simple, effective, & they offer much-needed clarity on creative ideation.

Minimize distractions

If you read our previous blog post, you’ve probably thought about what your “Why” might be. Minimizing distractions gives you a chance to align with your “Why,” & nurture it with any information or opportunities that might be trying to reach you. 

With less distractions, you have more mental space for imagination, creativity, & connecting with your intuition. For the best results, try to avoid multitasking. Your focus is best spent on one thing at a time, which keeps your mind calm & receptive in this tech-heavy age where overstimulation is underestimated. 


Try these affirmations to attract focused energy & take action: 

I trust my intuition & discernment

My mind is calm, receptive, & focused

I channel energy into productive tasks

Every action brings me closer to my outcome

I trust my ability to turn ideas into results


Organize & prioritize

Ideas are a LOT of energy. They can take you on a whirlwind of imaginative wonder for hours. There have been plenty of days where big ideas tired us out before we even had the chance to get them on paper. This is where organization & priorities come in. 

We can't stress how important it is to write ideas down. This brings them from the imaginative realm to the physical realm. Speak your dreams into existence. Consolidate ideas into a big list to narrow them down & measure how SMART they are. 


SMART is an acronym for effective goal-setting that stands for:







Example of a broad vs. "specific" goal for an entrepreneur:

Broad Goal: "I want to create an online art course."

Specific Goal: "I want to create an online watercolor painting course focused on teaching beginners how to create vibrant landscapes."

The broad goal says what you wish to do, while the specific goal is clear, detailed, & grounded in reality, making it attainable.

You might consider organizing your ideas into the criteria they meet, (i.e this group of ideas is specific, or these ideas or more time-bound). Then, you can reasonably prioritize ideas, remove or strengthen weaker ideas, & decide what to act on first. With SMART boundaries & your own “Why,” executing ideas becomes more feasible than ever.


Trust the process

It’s important to note that there is a difference between consistency & commitment. 

Consistency involves being steadfast and reliable in behavior, actions, or patterns over time, emphasizing regularity and stability.

Commitment refers to being devoted to a particular course of action, goal, or relationship, often driven by a deep belief in the value or importance of the commitment.

Forbidden Fruit Commitment vs. Consistency

It can be easy to confuse the two. We apply consistency when we're building, developing, incubating, or ideating, by showing up regularly for our passion. We apply commitment when we’ve established a SMART goal, have tangible targets, & know exactly where we wish to aim our energy. 

Awareness of how energy fluctuates plays into our ability to bring an idea into action, from the planets to the days of the week. Holding space for both flow & routine, consistency & commitment, gives us the balance necessary to bring dreams to life. 


Turn your creative ideas into action today! Remember to nurture your “Why” with whatever you choose to do. Listen to our live discussion on this topic here. Follow us on social media for daily inspiration added to your timeline. 

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