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Forbidden Fruit is a creative wellness hub that produces immersive experiences both locally in Philadelphia & abroad.

Our mission is to uplift artists, art lovers, & wellness enthusiasts with accessible, transformative events that nurture

the collective consciousness.


Since 2019, we have been pursuing our key objectives:
(1) curating and producing experiences in physical and digital spaces, and (2) fostering connections among international and intergenerational communities of creative souls. 



Our founder Crux is a professional dancer & multimedia artist. In her 17-year journey she has attended countless showcases, video shoots, classes, & events that ingrained her passion for production. This passion planted the seed of Forbidden Fruit.


Crux met Stonez the Organic at Temple University. Stonez is a multimedia musician with skills in visual art & photography. With like-minded hearts & missions,
they operate Forbidden Fruit together.


In 2022, we officially incorporated the company. Forbidden Fruit is motivated by

the visceral need for art & accessibility to wellness. In our first 12 months of business

we featured 200+ artists & hosted 400+ attendees across generations & countries .

We’ve partnered with & been sponsored by 10+ phenomenal organizations

that believe in our mission. 


Our production services, including event & creative productions like music videos, have granted artists high-quality opportunities in a poorly funded market. It has been a dream to build a creative home for like-minded spirits, and we'll continue encouraging the world to Free the Forbidden

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