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Setting Goals vs Intentions - Take Control in 2024

Table of intention and goal-setting tools

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What is your “Why?” This question found me during high school in my time dancing with Project D Dance Company. It served as a guardrail along the lane toward our deepest passions, from which attainable and intentional goals could be achieved.

In my collegiate years I would set goals that led to unsatisfactory results. I realized this was because the goals weren’t rooted in authentic intention. They weren’t coming from my “Why.” 

Now, I've learned that setting intentions & setting goals are two different things. An intention anchors you with clarity while a goal motivates & propels you toward a tangible outcome.

As 2024 sets over us, I find this question greeting me again and I feel called to offer it to all of you. So, what is your “Why,” and how can you nurture your greatest passions with intentional goal setting this year? Here's my 5-part approach:



Brain Dump


x2 on the intentions pls!!

With these tips, start setting your intentions for the rest of the year. Remember, you are moving in divine timing as the universe intends for you. What is for you will always be for you. Take your time, explore your mind, & distinguish your “Why” from an intentional place.

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