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Art Opportunities at NFTNYC 2024

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The NFTNYC conference has been bringing together artists and industry leaders from across the world since 2018. Every year, the conference infuses the Big Apple with forward thinkers exploring the latest trends in blockchain technology.

If you love art like us, you're probably likely to spend more time at affordable, arts-centered satellite events. Continue reading for a recap on the events for creators we attended this year!

Listen to the live roundtable of our NFTNYC Recap here:



Crux, LOR3LORD, & Stonez the Organic at NOTNFTNYC, captured by Forbidden Fruit
LTR: Crux, LOR3LORD, and Stonez the Organic repping Forbidden Fruit and All of Us Radio at NOTNFTNYC

The third annual NOTNFTNYC took place at The Canvas 3.0 in the World Trade Center on April 4th. This premier social networking event was produced by All of Us Radio in partnership with MetaBetties. It was jam packed with panels, free goodies, performers, and an art gallery curated by Forbidden Fruit.

It has been an honor to curate a gallery for NOTNFTNYC two years in a row! We invited co-curators Frvnk of Bored Minds, Sierra of Ìtàn World, and Joe of Burrito Dao to select dynamic artists from their collectives. Together, we featured a total of 147 international, multidisciplinary artists.

Take a look at the art from the gallery here.

Enjoy our recap video of the event here.


The Halvening

Gogo dancer at The Halvening by Nolcha Shows, captured by Forbidden Fruit
A gogo dancer live in action at The Halvening

This event was hosted by Nolcha Shows and DART Studio. It featured art, live performances, and surprise acts. The evening was brought to life with well-known performers like Andressa Furletti and Violetta Zironi, and innovative works by artists like The Visceral Glitch with his AR glitch art on display.

Nolcha has thrown incredible events at NFTNYC over the last 4 years. Check out the recap video of The Halvening here.


L-Train Art House

Crux, Stonez the Oranic, Serena, Terrell, Rob, & Molly at L-Train Art House, captured by Forbidden Fruit
LTR: Crux, Stonez the Organic, Serena, Terrell, Rob, & Molly at L-Train Art House

This BK art event was hosted by BK artists Gettles, Molly, and Faraz. The vibes were intimate and immaculate. The two-level venue included art by the hosts on display, interactive drawing and spray paint stations, DJs like Max Kulchinsky, and even a tattoo artist in the basement.

This event was an amazing opportunity to slow down and connect deeper with other artists. Follow the hosts to stay connected for future experiences!


Open Studio

Efdot's Open Studio NFTNYC 2024 Forbidden Fruit

The nightcap of NFTNYC was hosted by Efdot in his beautiful Brooklyn Studio. This was another incredible opportunity to connect intimately with other creators and pioneers in Web3. It featured a drawing station, rooftop views, immersive art and pieces by Efdot available for purchase.

Follow Efdot for great vibes and opportunities for artists!


While the NFTNYC conference itself can be expensive for the average artist, the satellite events are priceless. Art-centered initiatives continue to stand out at annual conferences, providing transformative spaces where artists can truly connect and grow in their careers.

Stay updated with the individuals mentioned in this blog post for sources of inspiration and future opportunities.

Follow us on social media for access to more information like this!

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