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Mixing Mediums & Dimensions: Collaborative Performance Art

YUNICE, Crux, Creatress collaborating on stage at NFTNYC 2024 performing mixed media performance art | Captured by Stonez the Organic
LTR: YUNICE, Crux, Creatress live in action at NFTNYC | Captured by Stonez the Organic

When artists create together, empowered by the limitlessness of technology, extraordinary magic is made. Collaboration has been essential in art and technology industries, and conferences like NFTNYC create space for that magic to be witnessed.

This year, NFTNYC's TokenTraxx stage had an electric lineup of performances, including the inaugural collaboration between Creatress, a visionary in virtual reality, Crux, an artist blending dance and music, and YUNICE, an ethereal alt-pop music artist. Their multimedia performance art blended in compelling harmony and invigorated the senses of all that watched.

Post-performance, the trio shared their insights on creating memorable experiences, and the power of artistic collaboration.


Stonez: Thank you guys for performing today and giving your energy and doing something innovative. How are you all feeling after that performance?

Creatress: I’m pretty giddy.

Crux: Electric!

YUNICE: I’m having so much fun.


Stonez: What are your strategies for engaging the audience?

Creatress: Just do something that's fun for you, because that might equate to fun for someone else.

Crux: Being yourself always resonates with the audience and is the most authentic and engaging thing that you could do from your heart space.

YUNICE: It's important to re-center yourself... Remember, they came here to hear your voice. So don't worry about the other stuff for now. It's DGAF energy.


Stonez: What elements did each artist focus on and contribute to the collaboration?

Creatress: I come with the visual art. That's where I'm at. But this is exactly why I asked Crux and YUNICE to collaborate with me.

Crux: This was actually my first official time performing vocals, and I also did some free flow movements. I was freestyling to embody and express what Creatress was doing with the VR.

YUNICE: We're all really multitalented and that's the cool part. I got to sing and DJ. This experience really kept me on my toes.


Stonez: What are some key tips for a successful partnership?

Creatress: Communication is important... and being flexible.

Crux: Meeting or rehearsing to get on the same page, even if it's just 30 minutes. Also, letting everybody play to their strengths.

YUNICE: Putting our ego aside and having the right attitude allows you to collaborate to the fullest. Supporting women in Web3 is important.


Stonez: What advice would you give artists looking to "shoot their shot?”

Creatress: Embrace your cringe. If you think it's embarrassing to ask, then maybe you're not as proud of what you have as you think you are. Get proud of what you're doing, and then embrace the cringe of saying to someone, "Hey, I do this, please hire me. It'll make your event better."


This collaboration was a captivating display of talented, confident women thriving together in their own unique ways. The trio's approach to blending visual art, movement, and music was holistic and innovative.

Currently, they have NFT art commemorating the experience available to collect on Foundation. Collect one to support trailblazing women mixing dimensions with their work.

YUNICE, Crux, Creatress collaborating on stage at NFTNYC 2024 performing mixed media performance art | Captured by StofAxeCap
LTR: YUNICE, Crux, Creatress on stage at NFTNYC 2024 | Captured by StofAxeCap

Follow Creatress, Crux, and YUNICE to stay connected with their creative journeys.

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